Recore Center #54

711 SW 6th Ave

Location Information

711 SW 6th Ave
Amarillo, TX 79101

Monday 07:30 AM — 05:00 PM
Tuesday 07:30 AM — 05:00 PM
Wednesday 07:30 AM — 05:00 PM
Thursday 07:30 AM — 05:00 PM
Friday 07:30 AM — 05:00 PM
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed


DET has a patent pending on the process and machinery for RECORE applications and created a unique branding association and network. As the manufacturer, we at DET feel that the DET Recore program will elevate our partners’ business quicker than that of traditional component sales, as the process is quicker, and it not only saves money but it also cuts out lead times and thus makes product available without the heavy burden of Inventory.