What do I get for being part of this network?

You are supplied:

A full Decore and Recore machine.
A Emission control wrapping machine.
A Certified Disposal Process.
Tooling for most Popular Emission Control Technology Sizes
Full Equipment Training.
Full Product Training – Subject to your level.
Initial Inventory, designed specific for your location
DPF Track n Trace
Full OEM On and Off Road X Reference tool.
Full Competitor Parts X Reference.

Leads and Inquiries generated through our Social media and websites.
Accessory Part Numbers and Products.
New products and or Services, Recore introduces.

Optional (Additional Cost).
Latest New DPF/ DOC and SCR cleaning equipment, releasing End of Summer 2021.

A Distributor Pack, consisting of:

Tee shirts – work wear
Polo shirts – Counter and sales personnel
Window Decals
Floor mat
Counter Mat.
Flyers with your location on

Website links from Recore center Head office marketing.
Leads in your region and territory.
Opportunities for On Road Off Road or Both


Recore Center – 1. Premier Certified Factory Facility, (RC1CFF) – Come with Exclusivity & Specified territory with specific terms to the agreement and customer / market focus.

Recore Center – 2. Regional Certified Factory Facility – (RC2CFF) Partial Exclusivity, with market focus or choices. On road, Off road. (Dealers)

Recore Sales Outlet. (RSO-R1-xx) Regional Sales Facility, buys from designated RC in territory. Selling to End Users

Recore Sales Distribution (RSD) 1. National, Key and or Group. -N, -K,-G

*Each level and group and region has their own specify terms and conditions and sales policies, please contact click here for further details.

What is the Cost to be a member?

All for a single low monthly payment, terms – 48 or 60 months.

Benefits include:
Regional territory meetings
National Meetings
Sales work outs with qualified experienced Sales Engineers.
Access to the Tech Tips – How to program?
Direct access to the Eg (Emission Guru), ask a question, we have the answers!

What do I do if?
Why has this happened?
What causes this?
Why is the SCR Catalyst blocked?
Can I clean an SCR catalyst?
How do I know if the DOC is functioning correctly?
All relevant knowledgeable field experiences will open for your review, within the back office portal.
There is also best working practices to get the most out of your equipment, while supporting your customers best with facts and data.