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DET is committed to providing only the highest quality of products for a wide range of diesel engines. Our Products are manufactured to that highest standards and validated to the most stringent quality control and inspection methods.Our100 years combined knowledge in this sector allow us to make products that are built to OEM or greater performance standards.

The Recore Difference

Our Core Competence is in chemistry, catalysis, mechanical engineering, and design.

Our Core Abilitiesare developing better products with improved production techniques as well as ways of servicing the markets.

Our Core Talent is based around our skilled labor and the machinery and equipment we design or build in house.Our team consists of highly trained experts who work professionally and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers.

Our Core Expertise is in the field of Diesel Emission Technologies and its applications.

Our Core Principles are based on the moral of do unto others as you expect to be done to yourself.

Our Core Strengths liein our ability to adapt and change, like our catalysts, to the environment in which our customers find themselves.

Our Core Segments are focused on both the On and Off-Road markets.

Our Core Values areto supply our customers with the best products and services with an honest and fair pricing model, while maximizing the product’s performance and thus yielding a stronger brand through integrity and hard work.

Our Core Attributes are that we continually strive for perfection and to make a difference for the betterment of the environment and customers alike.

Our Core Confidence is knowing we have a proven and validated program that is a better and more cost-effective solution than that of our competitors. This is all yielded through the innovative and creative vision of the business leaders, who always strive to innovate and never replicate. We are leaders who want to share our success with others.

Our Core Focusis supporting the growth initiatives of our distributors, as your success will bring us success.

At the center of all these products are the core technologies that make these products work, but without the core codes and morals invested in the company as detailed above, anything else is just substandard so RECORE with the Genuine engineering and designed technology we like to call RECORE.

Innovation changes markets, creates trends and changes the work-place RECORE, is such a product, it is going to change the way emission control products are serviced, sold and installed from this point forward, so don’t lose out become a RECORE center today.

We are striving to build long-term business relationship with like-minded entities that see the values as we do, we believe that the time for innovation and change is now and to this we are pressing this innovation and movement forward so become part of the RECORE movement.

Our aim is to create a stimulating environment that is favorable for all parties to thrive and shine. We believe the true values are in the CORE trust and ethics of our foundations on which the success of a distributor-supplier relationship depends.

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DET has patent pending the process and machinery for RECORE applications and created a unique branding association and network.