Removed cores shall be placed in the provided Recore collection bags and zip tied shut with the color-coded zip tie that was provided with your Recore kit. Place the sealed bag back into the Recore box and palletize until pallet meets a minimum weight of at least 250 lbs. See boxing and palletizing examples below.

NOTE:  If the returned product is not sealed in the return bag with the color-coded zip tie, your credit refund will not be processed. The ReCore Center will be contacted and notified by their Recore Rep to discuss the issue and to reiterate the procedures for handling & storing carcinogen products correctly.

No SCR product can be returned!

Return using a standard palletPlace cores in their bags with the provided zip ties & stack on palletStrap, wrap, or best practices use both

Alternative methods:

Return Cores in their bags with zip ties by barrelCores placed in their bags with zip ties can be placed in a Gaylord and sent back

Pallet Weight:   

Minimum returnable pallet weight = 250 lbs.

Recore Centers:

  • Are responsible for scheduling their own shipping
  • Returning pallet requires a packing list with the following information:
    • ReCore Centers ID/Vendor Number
    • Part numbers or Sizes of Returning Product
    • Quantities of Returning Part Numbers

See Example Below

Company: ABC  ID # 1022
12x12DPFM 2
RCKT011DOC1 Metallic 3

Note:  ReCore Headquarters is not responsible for paying for returned cores. We will issue a credit amount back to you once received and processed.

Internal Process:

Once the product hits our Headquarters shipping dock, the following bullet points are in sequence to the process:

  • Part #’s & Qty’s verified against packing list
  • Product will be weighed and credit amounts per item will be established
  • Headquarters will send out a confirmation Email, we received X,Y,Z and will be crediting “X” amount on your next statement

Recore centers will then be able to match up returned cores with credit memos.